Is it possible to talk about feminine style ? Hmm...Is it possible to distinguish women's style in the interior? As a designer I look at the same problems as men from a different perspective, often with different degrees of sensitivity, through the prism of individual experience. After all, women are the neck that turns the head.
Women create tailored interiors, those that take into account the needs and preferences. They design, above all, functionally, with attention to detail and accessories. We are perfect in what we do. Often at first glance you can see that something was created by the hand of a woman. We like to play with colors and patterns.  Combinations of different materials and structures give us a wide range of possibilities for the perfect interior.
We love pastels, white interiors are usually warmed up with pale pink or blue accessories. Each of us likes to create in her own unique style - to include in the project a piece of herself. However, I usually design in the modern classic style, which is synonymous with luxury, quality and precision. That is what I-we women like. This reflects the feminine class and aesthetic sense of taste. The interior must have a soul and character but maintaining the delicacy, subtlety with special attention to detail ... because what is better than an interior that will help you get away from everyday matters