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About us

The Studio was founded in 2012 and under its current name operates since 2018, creating unique interiors for our exceptional clients. Over the years we have completed dozens of interior designs for private and commercial investors both at home and abroad. In our projects we combine timeless elegance with a touch of modernity. Each project is individual and unique for us. It is created on the basis of functional standards, taking into account the preferences of our customers.

The main assumption of our studio is to bring out the strengths of each interior and expose the finest details while maintaining the principles of ergonomics. For years, the studio has been cooperating with a group of professionals in the industry providing general construction, as well as decoration and interior finishing services. Cooperation with Scala Design is a guarantee of realization of unique interior, which will "enjoy the eye" for many years

My favorite design style is... I do not have a favorite style. I try to listen to the needs and preferences of my customers. We have completed our ptrojects in modern, classic, glamour or loft style.

In designing the most pleasant thing is... the moment when I see the final effect of my work, the reflection of the concept put down on paper in the real reference and my clients' satisfaction with a well-designed and comfortable living space

The hardest thing about design is... There are no difficult things in my work. Each project is a different story, a challenge which I gladly take on. It is important to know the expectations of customers, their passions and habits. This gives me an idea of how the space should look like.

Inspiration at work for me is... For me inspiration varies. Sometimes it is enough for me to find a piece of luxurious fabric, which the lady of the house dreamed up for curtains, a beautiful wallpaper pattern or an old armchair, which the investor did not want to throw away. I also often draw inspiration from nature - colourful leaf combinations or a fanciful pattern of natural stone, around which the whole color concept of the interior is built.

A brand that constantly delights me... For years I have been delighted with wallpapers by Glamora or Inkiostro Blanco. Their diverse patterns, bold color combinations and quality workmanship will enliven any interior creating a luxurious living space. I also enjoy working with Brands/Companies that provide my clients with professional and comprehensive service.

My favorite interior color is.... There is no such term as favorite color in my dictionary. Over the years, however, I can say with all conviction that Poles love the color gray. Maybe because it's a universal color. It looks good both in modern, minimalist arrangements, as well as in combination with classic interior design. In my work I often meet with suggestions from customers who ask for a project in gray.

If I didn't become an interior designer I would probably be... hmm... let me think about it, this is quite a difficult question. I think I would have taken up the second of my life passions, namely horse breeding. Horses amaze me all the time, they delight me with their appearance and gracefulness in movement. Being surrounded by horses gives me joy and allows me to relax after a long day at work. Currently I am the owner of three steeds, but I am still far from being a breeder ;)

"Architecture is about maintaining three principles: permanence, utility and beauty"

We are a team of professional and passionate interior designers and architects who create unique spaces.


ul. Kalwaryjska 27,
41-940 Piekary Śląskie